Reversing Diabetes Type 2:
How Can My Diabetes Be Reversed?

Many people think that a diabetes diagnosis is a lifelong sentence, or they believe that the work and change required to reverse type 2 diabetes is too extreme to be realistic.

This is simply not the case. No two people are alike, and only a full evaluation can provide answers on whether your diabetes is reversible. But I've seen success with dozens of patients who were previously diagnosed as diabetic and pre-diabetic and whose blood sugar level is now in a healthy zone.

That being said, successfully driving back one's blood sugar level can require a considerable lifestyle change. This includes a carefully developed and maintained diet, exercise and stress management plan, among other things.

It's no surprise that most doctors (who generally treat several thousand patients at once) simply don't have the time to give this sort of holistic guidance to their patients.

So instead of leading their patients on a steady path to health improvement and potential reversal of diabetes type 2, they simply monitor the blood sugar, write insulin prescriptions and move onto the next patient.

Hence the benefits of joining my Personalized Care Program. I built this private model specifically to focus on the quality of care I deliver, not the quantity. My practice is limited to 200 people, ensuring everyone can take advantage of the many benefits of having a private, personal concierge doctor.

This includes house calls, 24/7 access, same or next-day appointments, specialist coordination and more.

We have an affordable annual fee, with lab work and other services covered by Medicare.

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More on Diabetes Science

In the United States, over 80 million adults suffer pre-diabetes. Although the condition can be reversed through diet and exercise, 70% of these pre-diabetics will develop full-blown type 2 diabetes [2]. Most do not have the expertise, experience, or even motivation to actively monitor and reverse illness. There are many variables to consider; even vitamin D3 has been correlated to pre-diabetic and diabetic outcomes [3].

We do possess the power to reverse diabetes. A 2016 study in the Journal of Diabetes Research and Therapy reports that diet, exercise, drugs, and lifestyle factors can effectively regulate and reverse type 2 diabetes and the accelerated aging associated with chronic illness [4]. The metabolic abnormalities of muscle insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes can be normalized through energy restriction [5]. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes and routines are not easy to integrate.

Medication non-adherence in type 2 diabetes may be as high as 65% in the first year of treatment – in other words, patients have a very difficult time managing their own treatment. This impairs optimal glycemic control and illness outcomes [6]. The use of a digital device to help patients manage diabetes has been seen to reduce hemoglobin A1c and improve glycemic control [7]. Personalized, full-time care and accountability results in exponential magnitudes of improvement.

That is why having a dedicated and thorough Concierge Doctor like Dr. Bhakta is absolutely essential to managing and often reversing chronic disease like Diabetes Type 2. Most doctors simply don't take the time to explain what patients need to do, let alone follow up with them regularly to make sure they're managing their disease correctly.

Is your diabetes reversible? Only an experienced doctor can tell you for sure, and only after making the time to learn about all aspects of your lifestyle: how you eat, how you exercise, how you sleep, how you manage stress and many more factors all play a part in predicting your health outcome.

No concierge doctor on the Central Coast has as much experience with internal medicine and diabetes reversal as Dr. Bhakta.

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